A car tracker is a device which can be installed inside your car and will send you, position of your car instantaneously using the GPS system.

 Via the related website you can check the car's location at any moment as well as the travelled routes.


Car speed, car stops at any place, departure time, etc. are all visible on the map of website.



In case your car is stolen, the device will call you at the instant of the car is started and will alert you. If you want to control your car's location at any time for any reason, just check it out via the website or through mobile app or texting and calling



Provides reports on vehicle status, speed, fuel consumption, precise location, etc.

The most advanced electronic technologies and hardware design

SIM card port which can be adapted to all Iranian operators

Includes vibration detection sensor and motor gyroscope function

Ability to connect to various modules, such as: camera, humidity and temperature sensor, etc.


Technical Specification:

Dimension (mm)                                     108×65×18

Case Material                                          ABS Plastic

Working Voltage                                      7-30

Idle Flow                                                10ma

GSM Antenna                                          Local Passive

GPS Antenna                                           Local Active

Minimum System Response System             0.4s

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